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The Average Man's Bank

Mr. Pawn offers short term loans based on the collateral that you pledge. No credit check, no wait for approval by the loan officer, just fast cash! Mr. Pawn Mesquite & Mr. Pawn Bulllhead City offers loans up to 90 days and Mr. Pawn Boulder City offers loans up to 150 days.

We loan CASH on Jewelry, Diamonds, Firearms, Tools, Electronics, Computers, Coins and so much more.

Hollywood has long portrayed pawn shops as being dark, sleazy operations, just full of stolen property and shady characters. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are in fact, a combination 'Lending Institution' much the same as your bank, and discount retail/jewelry/tool store, only with the BEST prices in town.

Our stores are clean and well maintained, with large and varied inventories and are staffed by some of the finest pawn brokers in the country! Feel free to bring your entire family in to shop! We work very closely with law enforcement at all levels to ensure that the material that we take in is legally owned and offered. As a matter of fact, some of our best customers are these very same law enforcement officials!




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